anahata Dance


Photograph by Anna M Maynard

Anahata Dance


We are an environmentally driven site specific dance company based in Durham, NC and New York, NY.  We began in Redhook, Brooklyn, in 2009 with a concert that took place in a loft apartment, on its roof, and in the park across the street from the loft. We hope that our performances can provide a new way for our audiences to see, observe, and notice the things they walk past everyday.



Upcoming Events

October 21 Durham, NC: EXPECT US

Meet at 316 W Geer St at 5:00pm. We will march to Durham Central Park to begin the main dance performance at 5:30pm. INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/1924042111037515/

This performance is made possible by SITES: https://www.sitesinthecity.com/

Featuring faculty, alumnae, and students of the Old Dominion University Dance Department.